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A attractive website design can help to improve various categories of aspects of company, it helps to showcase your product and services, easily communicate with customers, increase sales and revenue. If you want to develop an attractive and responsive web design, you can contact a freelance web designer Kerala. 

Types of Website Design

Here is a list of best website design, choosing the right type of web design and development is important for building your business. 

E-commerce Website

An Ecommerce website, Its an online shopping destination where people can buy products and services. The ecommerce web page make easy to showcase your products, filter by category, highlight specific offers and make purchases.

Portfolio Website

A creative professionals use websites as a portfolio to display their skills and previous works. It’s perfect for freelance web developer, designers, and independent workers. 

Personal Website

The main purpose of personal website is to make it personal. Personal blogs are used to share life updates, personal experiences, Individual opinions and related contents. 


A blog is a website that is regularly updates with articles, photos, videos, animations and etc… The contents is also called blog posts. Blogs are managed by an individual or a small group of people. A blog can cover any topic like, tips, advices, reviews and etc

Business/Corporate Website

Most of corporates have a website nowadays. A business website aims to provide a brief to description of the activities and focusing of business, products descriptions and to establish the credibility of the company within the industry.

Magazine/News Website

This type of websites focus on providing public with uptodate information and current affairs. These sites present information through articles, photos, videos, animations and etc…

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