I'm Not Gonna Be 80! Michael J. Fox speaks out about suffering from Parkinson's disease

The Hollywood actor has been living with the condition for more than thirty years and has opened up about life with Parkinson's in a series of new interviews

The 61-year-old Hollywood star makes the heartbreaking acknowledgement that he doesn’t expect to reach his 80th birthday due to the disease.

Michael was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s back in 1991 when he was just 29-years-old - and he went public with the news nine years later.

After decades of campaigning, raising funds and awareness of the condition, Michael is set to appear in a number of interviews to discuss how he has experienced life with Parkinson’s.

A preview of his CBS Sunday Morning interview has shown him stating: "My life is set up so...I can pack Parkinson's along with me if I have to.”

The actor goes on to explain that the disease made him reassess his approach to life and states: "You don’t die from Parkinson's. You die with Parkinson’s.”

He goes on to explain that those suffering from the disease at risk of injuries, like falling, choking, or getting sick with a cold which can in turn prove fatal.

Heartbreakingly, he added: "I've been thinking about the mortality of it… I’m not gonna be 80."

"I've been thinking about the mortality of it… I’m not gonna be 80."